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Using Water Jet Cutting to Make Those Hard to Do Cuts


There are a lot of industries that have to cut various types of materials to complete the project they are working on. It could be a thick material such as metal, steel, concrete, or granite just to name a few. This type of cutting can be time consuming and costly.  Much of this can be reduced with water jet cutting.


The precision that water jet cutting offers is second to none and its ability to do these cuts down on a lot of waste of material that has been cut less than perfect. 


The type of projects that can be served well with water jet cutting services range from those being carried out as short term projects, to large production projects.  Many of these types of projects exist throughout New York and create the need for water jet cutting nyc service providers.


While waterjet cutting is the ideal solution for providing perfect cuts in many different types of materials, it demands the use of the proper technology and skill to reach the desired results.


The technology is comprised of using a high pressure stream of water. This creates a narrow line erosion in the material.  In some cases an abrasive to assist with the cutting has to be added to the water jet unit itself. The skills required comes with knowing how to operate the waterjet when under cutting corners or knowing how to make a wide enough swing on the curves.


Our specialties are in the cutting of:

  • metal
  • wood
  • glass
  • stone
  • rubber
  • foam
  • plastic
  • fabric


Our list of clients is comprised of architects, engineers, contractors, designers and has met the water jet cutting needs of many residential clients.


We take great pride in offering our structural and ornamental metalwork services to both residential and commercial clients. Many different types of industries have depended on our quality and craftsmanship that have entailed office buildings, government buildings, public spaces and a whole variety of commercial properties.


We are fully capable of taking on any sized job and we are fully available to meet the water jet cutting needs of your customized project. 


You will find our prices comparable and affordable, and you will be more than pleased with the finished product and our attention to detail and impeccable customer service.

Metal Work Services

Custom Iron Work, Stainless Steel Work and Home Improvement services by a Licensed Bronx, NY Contractor.

Apart from the 4 Boros we service (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx) we also service, New Jersey, Connecticut and all of Westchester County. 

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