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HOME Improvement


There is certain criteria that your New York home improvement provider must be able to meet. Make sure that the company you are using is properly licensed. Check out what Insurance they cover. See how long they have been established, and if they have any customer feedback.

When you are making your choice naturally price will be of a concern, but don’t just assume that cheaper is better. The quality of the work provided and the materials that are going to be used are what should be the priorities.


What to look for in a kitchen remodel in Bronx, NY.


Any room that you are going to have renovated in your home will have some specific requirements. You want to deal with a home renovation company that is up to date with their ideas. They should be able to assist you with your kitchen remodel design. You will have your wants and needs when it comes to your kitchen, and a top quality kitchen remodel in Bronx, NY provider should have some good kitchen design knowledge that you can take advantage of.


What to look for in a bathroom remodel Bronx, NY.


Bathrooms can be difficult to remodel because of where they have to be located, and there is usually limited space to work with. If you are having this room of your home renovated then see what options your renovation contractor can offer you. Our experts are doing this kind of work all of the time so they are quite capable of coming up with solutions to make this room of your house much more functional and appealing.

You want to deal with home renovators in the Bronx that are used to dealing with the small bathroom. These can present additional remodeling challenges. You want to make sure that what small bathroom space that you do have is maximized to its fullest potential.

Our Company is capable of meeting all your home renovation in Bronx NY needs.  We extend our services not only to the Bronx, but Manhattan, and the Southern Connecticut and Westchester counties. Your home renovation experience with us will be hassle free, affordable, and carried out with the upmost care. Top quality materials will be used, and the craftsmanship provided by us in our home renovations is impeccable.

Customer service is a priority from start to finish. We concentrate on making the Bronx home renovation as stress free as possible. You get to do the fun part of picking out the finishing touches such as the flooring, paint colors, fixtures and other accessories while we go about the main work of the renovation. You get to sit back and watch the progress of your home renovation Bronx NY project with confidence.

Metal Work Services

Custom Iron Work, Stainless Steel Work and Home Improvement services by a Licensed Bronx, NY Contractor.

Apart from the 4 Boros we service (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx) we also service, New Jersey, Connecticut and all of Westchester County. 

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