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Bending & Shearing Services

Sheet Metal Bending and Shearing Services 


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A Guide To Metal Bending And Plate Shearing (Our Services In Bronx, New York)

The two oldest and most basic metal working operations tend to be plate shearing and metal bending. Shearing is a process of mechanical cutting of big sheets of metal into smaller pieces of fixed sizes. Shearing operation which completes a whole perimeter cut is called blanking, with resulting work piece called a blank. Metal bending is the creation of 3D shapes out of 2D stocks. There is virtually a limitless variety of shapes which can be produced both in sheet metal and in plate’s thickness.

The Shearing Machines

Maximum shearing operations are attained by the actions of two blades, fixed and vertically moving, progressively meeting from one side to the other, quite like ordinary hand shears. The angular position of blades is known as the rake. The knife or blade clearance to one another should also be considered. Both clearance and rake are adjusted depending on the thickness and type of the material required to be cut.

“Slip-plane” is final cracking from the top and the bottom of work after descending upper blade cuts through the whole work partially. This upper blade usually is inclined say 1/2 - 2-1/2 degree. This focuses cutting pressure at exact junction of the blade and guarantees a cut parallel to blades. The small offset helps to also clean materials from between blades. Shearing is done with a “shearing die” also mounted in a stamping press, but most shearing is achieved with a machine especially designed for this operation and is known as a “hydraulic shear.”

A typical shear includes:

• fixed bed on which a blade is attached

• vertically moving crosshead that mounts on upper blade

• series of the hold-down feet or pins which hold the materials in place while cutting occurs

• gauging system, either back, front, or squaring arm, for producing specific work piece sizes

Sheet Metal Bending & Shearing

Shears can be operated manually, pneumatically, hydraulically, or mechanically. They also can be classified by design. “Gapless” and “gap” shears are defined using their side frame and maximum size sheet that they can tackle. “Right angle” shears possess two blades fixed at a 90 degree angle with each other and it’ll cut in two directions simultaneously. “CNC” shears are also programmable to cut different sizes by feeding material into the blades automatically. “Ironworkers” are intended to cut bar stock and angle and to execute punching operations, they also notch sheet metal, pipe etc.


Metal bending produces different shapes in metal simply by forcing materials beyond their yield point; however, below its greatest tensile strength. During metal bending, metal is extended over its external radius as well as compressed via its internal radius. Mid-point in between such points is known as neutral axis and it’s the location from where mathematical calculations start.

Bending can be done in stamping dies intended for sheet metal forming, but the bigger majority of bends tend to be made in a “press brake.” Like other machines utilized in metal production press brakes might be hydraulic or mechanical in operation. In typical bending process, a part of stock is put between a set of lower and upper dies. Then a pump generates power to which lowers the upper die, forcing the work piece in the predetermined lower die. In a few press brakes that are out on the market, the lower die raises upward against a set upper die.

The principle terms utilized in bending consist of:

• bend allowance referring to mathematical factors that determines final part size

• springback is tendency of bent flange to get back to original shape.

• bend radius referring to distance from tangents that expand from remaining flat surfaces

• bend angle usually is the incorporated angle of bent work piece.




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