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Home Improvement - Bronx NY

Choosing the right contractor in the Bronx, New York

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a small bathroom remodel in the Bronx for your home, or you are in need of some exterior renovation or interior remodeling work to be completed. It is important to choose the right New York contractor.  


WaterJet Cutting Services NYC

WaterJet Cutting in New York City

We are known as being one of the most trusted water jet cutting companies that offers this type of service to New York City and surrounding area.  Our technicians are well trained and experienced with the operations of a waterjet cutter. We have included state of the art equipment combined with highly skilled operators to be able to offer the best water jet cutting NYC services.


Ornamental - Wrought IronWork

Ornamental | Architectural | Custom Fabrication

We provide welding and custom fabrication services to the designer, architect, engineer, contractor and residential consumer. The fencing and railing that you use both for functionality and appearance for your home or business is highly important. The wrong choices can come with a lot of consequences.    


Stainless Steel Fence & Railing 

Polished Railing & Fence | Canopy & Awnings | Stainless Steel 

High quality Stainless Steel Fabrication. From awnings and fence, to railing and custom structures. We only use the highest quality grade of materials and back all of our work. We have custom stainless steel entry doors that are of high quality and give the front of your home or commercial building a high end presence without breaking the bank.    


Bending & Shearing Bronx NY

Bending and Shearing Service | Custom Metal Treads | Sheet Metal and Duct Work Fabrication

Custom bending of steel, aluminum and stainless steel in diamond plate or smooth sheet. 1/2" shearing capacity will make quick work out of any metal work you need done. We have the capacity to make spiral stair treads to your required specifications. Shearing of metal cuts your production time by 75% when compared to using a waterjet or manual cutting. Contact us today for reasonable metal bending and cutting pricing or stop by our shop in the Bronx and we can have a quick chat!    


Metal Work Services

Custom Iron Work, Stainless Steel Work and Home Improvement services by a Licensed Bronx, NY Contractor.

Apart from the 4 Boros we service (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx) we also service, New Jersey, Connecticut and all of Westchester County. 

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